We boost Android Automotive OS We focus on convergence and communication. Our mission is safety and security. First hypervisor complying to the new version of ISO 26262


Trial Version

Virtualized Android™ Automotive OS Reference Platform (Trial Version Request)

Trial Version

COQOS Hypervisor SDK for AGL Reference Platform (Trial Version Request)


Convergence of software systems including sophisticated features


Reliable features for Bluetooth® wireless connectivity


OpenSynergy provides embedded software products for the next generation of vehicles. Its hypervisor and communication products pave the way for an integrated driving experience.

The automotive virtual platform COQOS Hypervisor SDK integrates a mix of real-time applications and open source solutions on powerful domain controllers. It supports a large bundle of features corresponding to the virtualization standard VIRTIO, creating maximum flexibility: guest operating systems can be used and reused on different Systems on Chips.

The automotive leading Bluetooth® stack Blue SDK is one of OpenSynergy’s communications platforms. It is the reference Bluetooth® implementation for many OEMs around the world. The variant Blue SDK Fusion offers a reliable Automotive-Grade Bluetooth stack for Android™ Automotive OS.

OpenSynergy further provides complimentary Automotive-Grade software components tailored for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to boost Android’s adoption in the automotive domain.

OpenSynergy also provides engineering services to support the customization of its products.



Safe Cockpit Controller

COQOS Hypervisor SDK brings together consumer electronics, driver information, convenient features and driver assistance systems, on a single chip

Multi-functional Body Controller

COQOS Micro SDK integrates multiple AUTOSAR environments, separating them from non-AUTOSAR functions

Smart Antenna / Secure Telematics Units

COQOS Hypervisor SDK allows multiple communication channels running on a single chip.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) / Autonomous Driving

COQOS Hypervisor SDK integrates ADAS Software with different security standards, so they can run concurrently on a single processor.

Multi Bluetooth® Connection

Blue SDK enables drivers to play audio streams while downloading phone books on two different smart phones.



Joint Webinar-on-Demand with NXP

This webinar introduces COQOS Hypervisor SDK, an open standard-based virtualization platform, as a key element to implementing a software-defined architecture vision.


LDRA and OpenSynergy partnership promotes a defence-in-depth strategy for embedded automotive applications

Secure coding techniques supported by the LDRA tool suite underpin the domain separation capabilities inherent in OpenSynergy’s COQOS hypervisor technology



New Developments in Bluetooth® Low Energy

Anritsu and OpenSynergy invite to a joint webinar on June 24, 2021, @ 2 PM ET / 8 PM CEST


Renesas and OpenSynergy implement Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO™) standard

Renesas and OpenSynergy invite to joint webinar: Partners for the new era of device virtualization –Renesas and OpenSynergy implement Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO™) standard.   Date and time:  May 26 @ 10AM CE


Webinar Announcement

First implementation of open standard-based devices available – COQOS Hypervisor SDK now supports the upcoming VIRTIO specification


IT- Administrator - Junior (f/m/d)

Location: Berlin, Start: immediately

GPU Virtualization Specialist (f/m/d)

Location: Berlin, Start: immediately

Security Engineer (f/m/d)

Location: Berlin, Start: immediately

IT-Administrator (f/m/d)

Location: Berlin, Start: immediately

Software Engineer Operating Systems Virtualization (f/m/d)

Location: Berlin, Start: immediately

Technical Team Lead – SDK (f/m/d)

Location: Berlin, Start: immediately

Technical Team Lead – Operating Systems (f/m/d)

Location: Berlin, Start: immediately