Radio Tuner SDK

What is Radio Tuner SDK?
The software product Radio Tuner SDK is a flexible radio solution that is not bound to a particular hardware device. It can be integrated across different car models, different geographical territories, different hardware and hardware generations. It can be located on the most suitable vehicle ECU (e.g. Head Unit or Telematics Unit) at any place in the car. Moreover, Radio Tuner SDK is compatible with the Android operating system. The architecture provides a scalable turn-key reception solution: from remote tuners boxes to high-end head units.

Why a software-only radio in times of digitalization?
In-vehicle Infotainment systems (IVI) development is experiencing major changes; the most prominent being the growth in the distribution of the Android operating system. Thanks to the possibility offered by its Internet Radio apps, Android allows for the reception of a higher number of radio stations compared to the conventional (analogue or digital) radio standard, e.g. FM, DAB or HD Radio. However, Internet Radio – or IP Radio – does not provide “automotive-grade” reliability, as the internet coverage is not ubiquitous and, even where it is present, limited bandwidth might cause poor sound quality. Automotive customers expect radio services to always be available, with consistent high quality in almost every location and at every speed. This requirement, today, can only be fulfilled by conventional radio receivers. This means that an “automotive-grade” Android needs to be complemented with a radio receiver that can support both new radio standards – such as IP Radio – as well as conventional ones.

What is the benefit versus a hardware based radio system?
The Radio Tuner SDK provides an Android-compatible radio tuner stack that supports all relevant reception standards, from IP based ones to conventional ones in all territories in the world. The software supports the most popular Radio frequency (RF) chips and is easily portable to various OEM-specific (ARM based) hardware platforms.

The solution is not limited to the realm of the Infotainment-System: since the radio tuner stack is not physically bound to one ECU, it supports new and flexible E/E architectures. For example, the impact of local interferers can be reduced by moving the functionality to a remote ECU. Or, long cables can be eliminated by running the function on a controller near to the antenna.

  • Own GUI for rapid prototyping
  • Mass production proven
  • Automotive-grade support (Test, Validation, Certification)
  • Development according to Automotive SPICE
  • World-wide coverage for all relevant receptions standards AM, FM, DAB, HD Radio, DRM, CDR (under development)
  • Easy adaptable to new BSP and OS due to abstraction layers

Radio Tuner Solutions

Several radio tuner solutions supported. Extension to other solutions possible

Supported Radio Tuner SoCs

  • NXP Mercury (SAF400x)
  • NXP DiRaNA3 (SAF7751)
  • NXP Saturn (SAF360x)
  • NXP Merlin (TEF7100)
  • NXP Radion (TEF3200)
  • NXP Sabre (TEF7018)
  • NXP TMC Tuner (TEF7006)
  • SiLabs Dual Eagle (Si479xx)
  • SiLabs Digital Falcon (Si46xx)
  • Panasonic Amigo3.5
  • Panasonic Amigo Lite2


White Paper Radio Tuner SDK


Non-embedded radio solutions for advanced infotainment systems


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