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COQOS Virtual Platform

COQOS Virtual Platform drives
the SDV shift-left evolution

OpenSynergy offers COQOS Virtual Platform, designed to empower OEMs, Tier1s, and Tier2s to seamlessly 
develop and test solutions for the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV).

  • COQOS Cloud for testing software whilst hardware is not available reducing the hardware bottleneck,
  • COQOS Lab for sharing hardware remotely to complete the validation cycle,
  • COQOS Hypervisor SDK that includes a very efficient Type-1 hypervisor, ISO-26262 certified (ASIL-B) and device virtualization based on the open-source standard Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO) that decouples software and hardware creating a powerful hardware abstraction layer.


Designed for SOAFEE and already proven in series production, the combination of OpenSynergy’s leading portfolio of VIRTIO devices and COQOS Hypervisor SDK offers a mature and flexible automotive framework underpinning the foundations for separation between software and hardware, delivering binary compatibility between Cloud and Edge and portability across ARM architectures.