Member R-Car Consortium


Status: Proven Partner

ARM Connected Community

Status: Member

Cybercom Group

OpenSynergy´s market leading Bluetooth stack Blue SDK together with Cybercom´s blueGO Bluetooth framework provides a feature rich and inter-operable solution for the automotive industry.


OpenSynergy’s partnership with the Open Source, Linux Foundation Unikraft project once again proves that manufacturers can use open source software effectively and securely in the automotive domain. The modular unikernel code supports performance and security for the COQOS Hypervisor SDK.


Rightware and OpenSynergy provide high speed performance and reliability when integrating HMIs developed with Kanzi-Tool of Rightware running on COQOS SDK for instrument clusters and infotainment systems on a single SoC.


Candera and OpenSynergy provide one-stop solution for innovative HMI ideas in an ever-converging world. OpenSynergy integrates HMIs developed with CGI Studio with COQOS Hypervisor SDK for automotive cockpits including instrument clusters and infotainment systems.


Due to the domain knowledge and special expertise Mobica is a great partner to work with for OpenSynergy.


INCHRON GmbH is the world-wide leading provider of solutions for architecture, design, automated optimization and verification of the real-time behaviour of embedded systems. The cooperation between INCHRON and OpenSynergy focuses on COQOS Micro SDK.

High Mobility

High Mobility has designed a cross-platform framework that unifies interfaces between cars and smart devices in a very unique way by using Blue SDK.