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OpenSynergy introduces COQOS Cloud in AWS Marketplace

OpenSynergy introduces COQOS Cloud in AWS Marketplace

OpenSynergy introduces COQOS Cloud in AWS Marketplace

COQOS Cloud enables Software Defined Vehicle Developers to test their software on virtualized hardware on AWS before physical devices are available

OpenSynergy, a market leader in embedded software for hardware virtualization, announces that COQOS Cloud will be available in AWS Marketplace for developers to easily develop, run and test their software on Amazon Web Services (AWS). OpenSynergy will demonstrate COQOS Cloud at Embedded World 2024 (Booth 4-301) to show how open standard virtualization VIRTIO and COQOS Hypervisor enable “shift-left” testing of complex automotive software systems in the Cloud.


Berlin, April 3rd, 2024. The automotive industry has quickly transitioned into a fast-paced software and hardware development environment with growing complexity evolving cars from just being a “smartphone on wheel” to architectures based on multiple Operating Systems and System on Chips. Moreover, services and connectivity are required to be safe and secure in modern vehicles and OEMs and their suppliers need to provide software solutions that can be deployed in many vehicles over a long period of time and different SoCs.

OpenSynergy offers COQOS Cloud in AWS Marketplace to empower automotive OEMs, Tier1s, and Tier2s to seamlessly develop and test solutions for the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) on ARMv8 and ARMv9 in the Cloud.  The combination of OpenSynergy’s leading portfolio of open standard VIRTIO devices and COQOS Hypervisor SDK defines a mature and flexible automotive framework underpinning the foundations for separation between software and hardware, delivering binary compatibility between Cloud and Edge and great portability across ARM architectures.

“COQOS Cloud is an effective solution to accelerate shift-left development for the automotive industry,” says Regis Adjamah, OpenSynergy CEO, “By accessing COQOS Cloud in AWS Marketplace, a wide community of developers can significantly reduce the hardware bottleneck in automotive programs, and test software before physical targets are available, on the reassurance that Cloud – Edge binary compatibility accelerates the overall engineering cycle and reduces integration costs.”

Leveraging AWS provides manufacturers developing their automotive software products with great computing power and allows faster testing and validation on “virtual targets.” For example, COQOS Cloud allows a cockpit controller (“virtual target”) to be fully integrated in the cloud, comprised of an instrument cluster on a Linux operating system in one of the virtual machines, and an infotainment system running Android in another virtual machine. Due to OpenSynergy’s activity in the OASIS Open consortium maintaining this standard and growing portfolio of VIRTIO devices, developers and integrators can go beyond just developing applications and now build complete virtual systems including multimedia, graphic, audio, and display rendering.