Virtualized Android Automotive OS Reference Platform
is now available!

After several years of working with Google and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., OpenSynergy has released a reference platform for virtual Android™ 12 (based on the Trout lunch target) to the automotive community. Here you can apply for a quotation for the Android Automotive OS Reference Platform for research and pre-development purposes. Customers shall procure the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Development Platform (ADP) through Qualcomm Technologies’ distribution channels.

What You Get
The reference platform contains Android 12 and the Virtual I/O (VIRTIO)-based COQOS Hypervisor SDK and all of which are running on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive Development Platform (ADP). It showcases an Android Automotive OS-based Cockpit Domain Controller (CDC) architecture. Similar to other CDCs, the underlying hypervisor guarantees the secure coexistence of Android (typically a QM system) with systems of higher criticality, such as the real-time OS displaying the telltales on an Instrument Cluster (typically ASIL B).
In addition to the reference platform, OpenSynergy will provide you with 40 hours of support for installation, training, customization, technical issues, etc.

What is Special
The novelty of this reference platform lies in deploying a fully virtualized Android Automotive OS (Trout), i.e., an Android version with no dependencies on the hardware. Instead of directly accessing the hardware devices, Android accesses these devices using the standardized VIRTIO framework provided by the underlying virtual platform. Therefore, the Virtual I/O (VIRTIO) framework allows Android to run on any hypervisor supporting the upcoming VIRTIO devices and any powerful System on Chip (SoC).

COQOS Hypervisor SDK for Android (Trout v 1.0) Reference Platform (for development purposes only)

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Android 12 is Android Automotive OS that supports virtualization on top of VIRTIO


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    Download COQOS Hypervisor SDK for Android (Trout v 1.0) Reference Platform
    (for development purposes only)

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