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OpenSynergy is a high-tech company specializing in embedded automotive software for in-car cockpit solutions. The core products are the modular software development kit COQOS SDK and the leading Bluetooth™ stack Blue SDK.

Our products enable the convergence of instrument cluster, head unit, driver assistance and connectivity systems. Essential technologies are virtualization and Open Source software. Our solutions comply with requirements of standards like AUTOSAR and Bluetooth™. By doing, so we pave the way for autonomous driving.

OpenSynergy is an independently managed company headquartered in Berlin with further locations in Munich and the U.S. We continue to grow through the strong demand for our products.

Our company’s team consists primarily of highly qualified engineers. Our corporate culture is inspired by the international character that defines our employees, partners and customers. 


  • OpenSynergy at CES 2017

    During the 2017 CES in Las Vegas form January 5 to 9, OpenSynergy invites customers and partner to meet at the OpenSynergy Suite in the SKYLOFTS MGM Grand.
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  • Wide Area with Low Power

    OpenSynergy’s Field Application Engineer Brian Senese will give a presention about “Bluetooth Low Energy Use in Automotive” at Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications 2016 scheduled on November 9 -10 in Munich.
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  • ASPICE V3 Early Adopter

    OpenSynergy is an early adopter of the newest version of the industry-specific standard Automotive SPICE® v3.
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  • Car entry: Keyless and Secure with Blue SDK v5.5

    The most important improvement realized by Blue SDK v5.5 with LE SDK v2.5 is the secure pairing, which can be used for keyless entry. Researchers have discovered that hackers can break the encryption code of today’s radio transmitters used for keyless entry. Blue SDK v5.5 offers a solution to this problem. LE Secure Connections in Blue SDK v5.5 with LE SDK v2.5 protects the key exchange during the pairing process between the car and the keyless entry device by adding substantial security during this process.  LE Secure Connections avoids many of the pitfalls of classical keyless entry systems.
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  • Next Generation Hypervisor

    OpenSynergy has launched its next generation hypervisor specially tailored to the needs of automotive applications. High efficiency and absolute functional reliability are among the hypervisor's features. These benefits are achieved in particular by a lean kernel and support for hardware virtualization. The system is extraordinarily flexible, economical, and functionally reliable due to the minimal trusted code base. The hypervisor supports ARM processors Cortex A7 and A15 with immediate availability.
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  • COQOS SKD on i.MX 6QuadPlus

    The development of COQOS SDK has reached a further milestone: It now supports the
    NXP i.MX 6QuadPlus Processor.
    The i.MX 6QuadPlus family delivers dramatic memory performance enhancements in comparison to the previous product line of i.MX 6 processors. Applications using COQOS SDK can benefit from this attractive SoC technology.


  • Tester embedded systems (f/m)

    Location: Berlin, Start Date: immediately
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  • Management and Team Assistance (f/m)

    Location: Berlin; Start Date: immediately
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  • AUTOSAR Architect (f/m)

    Location: Berlin, Start Date: immediately
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