Virtualization for the Car - Webinar in Japanese

Experts will explain how COQOS Hypervisor SDK and COQOS Micro SDK help to utilize the processor performance of modern SoC optimally.

You will find useful proposals to master your upcoming challenges. You will learn more about how virtualization technology paves the way for an integrated driving experience.

OpenSynergy’s Japanese distributor Ubiquitous AI Corporation will realize the webinar.

Meet our panel expert:

Ulrich Meis

Senior Staff Software Engineer in the Competence Center Virtualization at OpenSynergy



Erik Münz

Senior Software Engineer in the Competence Center Automotive Integration at Openynergy



Ulrich studied informatics/computer science in Germany and the UK. During his six years of research, he focused on wireless networks. He spent two years of research at the National Institute of Informatics (NII), 国立情報学研究所, Tokyo. For eight years, he is working on automotive embedded software development with a strong focus on virtualization. Erik studied Electrical Engineering. His embedded and real-time ECU development expertise is based on his experience working in full-stack of ECU product development. He focused on vehicle system development, ECU HW/SW design, real-time ECU SW development, Autosar Classic Platform, and ASPICE and ISO26262 compliant development. He lived and worked in Yokohama, Japan, for around four years. For eight years, he is working in the automotive industry.




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