The OpenSynergy portfolio consists of two product families: the hypervisor platforms and the communication platforms. Our products are characterized by a high degree of safety and security.

OpenSynergy’s hypervisor products help automotive manufacturers and their Tier-1s, to drastically reduce the number of ECUs, which results in a reduction of the network complexity, weight and space. It enables to take maximal advantage of the open source eco-system, which reduces development cost, time and risk. It optimizes the hardware and software design of the individual ECUs for a better integration of all vehicle systems.

The communication platforms deliver both efficiency and reliability for vehicle communication to complete the integrated driving experience. Different communication technologies help the driver and car to stay in contact with any mobile device.

The hypervisor platform for convergence of software systems including sophisticated features

The hypervisor platform for safety-critical applications running on the next generation of microcontroller

The efficient Bluetooth stack for reliable Bluetooth connection to embedded devices

The Bluetooth API framework with support for the GENIVI Bluetooth API

The software-only solution provides a world-wide tuner reception covering all layers from RF device control to radio application.