OpenSynergy will be an official exhibitor at CES in 2020.

We cordially invite you to visit our private suite at

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
Bahamas Suite No 2993
3000 Paradise Road

and to learn about our latest development on virtualization platforms. You will see a live demonstration of our cockpit controller there, which now includes these features:

  • TÜV-certified type-1 hypervisor compliant to ISO 26262:2018 ASIL-B
  • VIRTIO devices for use of standard implementations to avoid vendor lock-in and to minimize development
  • Supend to Ram for nearly zero power consumption and restart of the complete system in a few seconds
  • Two independent Android instances for less hardware complexity and to enable multi user access
  • Safe Instrument Cluster with ASIL-B certified concept for verification of safety-critical elements in a Linux-based instrument cluster
  • Virtualized Adaptive AUTOSAR for use of wide range of automotive applications
  • Holi Cluster & IVI Solution from our partner Candera
  • Remote GPU TACC (Traffic-Aware Cruise Control) for display of information on the instrument cluster that run on Linux on a separate hardware (even without GPU).


We cordially invite you to enjoy an array of refreshments at the

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
Bahamas Suite No 2993
3000 Paradise Road

on Wednesday, January 8

at 1:00 pm

If you prefer an individual meeting, please reply directly to me through this email or contact my colleague Josephin Stadtkewitz:

P: +49 30 6098 540-0
E: Josephin.Stadtkewitz@opensynergy.com