We are available - OpenSynergy withstands Corona

OpenSynergy announces that the company continues to work with the usual commitment. The employees are facing the challenge of the Coronavirus crisis, but since the structure of the enterprise is fully digitized, all employees can work remotely from home and we foresee no interruptions to our business.

  • OpenSynergy is available for customers, all interested parties and administrative partners
  •  The employees are still fully committed and provide ongoing operations
  • OpenSynergy is fully equipped digitally, to continue supporting customers remotely
  • We see the official calls to refrain from social encounters, and the worldwide travel ban, as the signal to apply our best digital communication for the benefit of all our customers

Customers can contact their key account manager as usual. Interested parties for the hypervisor or Bluetooth technologies, please contact sales@opensynergy.com. If you wish to discuss administrative matters, please contact OpenSynergy’s office at office@opensyenergy.com or via telephone at +49 30 6098 540-0.

OpenSynergy’s range of different communication channels is now being expanded to include a series of webinars. We also invite all interested parties to follow us on LinkedIn to get all the latest company information.