OpenSynergy Talk at embedded world Conference 2021 DIGITAL

Stéphane Turlier, Director of Competence Center “Automotive Integration” at OpenSynergy, will give a presentation about “Performance Measurement and Testing of Realtime MCU-virtualized Applications” on March 3, 2021 from 5:15 PM-5:45 PM (CET).

The latest generation of hypervisors for microcontrollers enables architectures with Virtual-CPUs running on multiple physical cores. The typical automotive applications such as powertrain, electrical-motor control, power management drive high-performance real-time requirements in the virtualization domain that need to be addressed by specific measurement and testing techniques.

As the virtualization of applications on real-time systems creates new challenges for system architects, integrators, and testers, Stéphane Turlier will offer a review of the different metrics and methods to achieve performance assessments. He will discuss the definition of typical context-switching, jitter, inter-VM real-time communication deadline monitoring criteria. Also, he will elaborate on findings, exploring different online and offline measurement techniques using either software instrumentation of the hypervisor code and virtual machines and hardware-tracing capabilities. Finally, he will share the first results observed on ARM Cortex-R52 implementations and OpenSynergy’s Hypervisor COQOS Micro SDK.