Virtualization standards provide freedom to choose - OpenSynergy supports the GENIVI virtual platform

The GENIVI® Alliance focuses on the technologies required to build a centralized and connected vehicle cockpit integrating multiple operating systems. OpenSynergy supports the newest initiative of GENIVI to define a virtualization platform for automotive systems.

To enable the development of integrated cockpit controllers, the GENIVI® Alliance defines an automotive virtualization platform. This platform will enable OEMs and Tier1s to integrate applications running on different operating environments (such as Android and Linux) easily.  The next generation of cockpit controllers requires the integration of multiple information sources coming from different in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle domains. In addition, the virtualization platform gives automotive OEMs and Tier 1s more options to choose between hardware platforms, operating systems and application eco-systems.

OpenSynergy strongly supports this initiative of GENIVI. OpenSynergy implements the GENIVI virtualization standards in its products and actively contributes to the GENIVI working groups.


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