OpenSynergy at the 5th Congress: "Das vernetzte und automatisierte Auto“

OpenSynergy is going to operate a booth (No.2) at the 5th Congress “Das vernetzte und automatisierte Auto“ on October 16th and 17th, 2018 in Fürstenfeldbruck (Germany). This event is focused on new mobility concepts and business models enabled by high automated and connected cars.

Open Synergy is going to show the latest version of COQOS Hypervisor SDK (Version 9.3). This virtualization platform is built around a safe and efficient hypervisor that can run software from multipurpose OSs such as Linux or Android, RTOS and AUTOSAR-compliant software simultaneously on one SoC. The instrument cluster functionality, which requires a high level of reliability, is rendered by Linux. Although Linux is an ideal operating system to render instrument cluster, it cannot provide the required safety (ASIL) level by itself. For this reason, OpenSynergy has developed the Safe IC Guard as a safeguard mechanism. It runs on a separate guest OS and verifies that safety-relevant information is displayed correctly. This solution for cockpit controller satisfies the safety requirement related to rendering tell-tales up to ISO 26262 ASIL-B.