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OpenSynergy at CES 2024

OpenSynergy at CES 2024

Thank you for joining us at CES

It has been a great week for OpenSynergy at CES 2024 . We are very excited for the launch of our COQOS Virtual Platform built on our COQOS Hypervisor, VIRTIO layer, COQOS Cloud and COQOS Lab.

The COQOS Virtual Platform is an incredibly powerful solution designed for software engineers developing SDV platforms who can exploit the binary compatibility between Cloud and Edge on ARM v8 architecture and remove the hardware bottleneck faced in any automotive development program. In the video below, you will see our demo showing how we seamlessly enable developers to switch to Virtual Machines built on different OSes and modify them in one single step saving many man-years of engineering effort and providing incredible flexibility so that the same binary image can be run unmodified on different SoC’s, in this case a Qualcomm® SA8295 and a
MediaTek 2715.


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