New location in China



New location in China

OpenSynergy has set up a new location in Shanghai. The company has its own office in China alongside the USA and Europe. Customers in Asia now have even easier access to OpenSynergy’s experts supporting their serial projects.

OpenSynergy has been selling its software products in China through its partner ZhiYun for many years. Due to the worldwide growing demand for solutions that enable the consolidation of ECUs and connectivity devices the demand for OpenSynergy’s COQOS Hypervisor SDK is growing significantly at international operating as well as local Chinese OEMs and its suppliers. A team of experts is available to these customers on site in order to adequately support series projects.

Rolf Morich, Vice President China of OpenSynergy, is building up an engineering team in close cooperation with partner ZhiYun. It strengthens OpenSynergy’s leading position in the largest automotive and digital market in the world.