Less complexity in Bluetooth Mesh development

OpenSynergy announces the new Blue SDK Mesh protocol stack based on OpenSynergy’s automotive-grade Bluetooth stack, Blue SDK. The protocol stack helps to overcome the current challenges Bluetooth mesh technology is still facing: highly complex interoperability, which incurs extensive, costly, ongoing support and maintenance due to a vast market of devices and brands.

Blue SDK Mesh is a highly robust and flexible Bluetooth Mesh implementation, enabling advanced control, monitoring, and automation solutions. Although Bluetooth Mesh enables many, nearby smart devices to talk to each other, interoperability remains a key challenge. Bluetooth Mesh is widely regarded as an interoperable protocol, but interoperability is still highly complex, incurring extensive, costly, ongoing support and maintenance due to a vast market of devices and brands that continually need to maintain a controlled user experience with one another.

Blue SDK Mesh offers a solution: It enables OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to maintain a high level of stability with the precision to prevent crashes while maximizing hardware capabilities.  Blue SDK Mesh gives engineering teams complete confidence to easily achieve the highest level of quality, especially for critical devices and systems.

Due to the flexibility, robustness, and added functionality, developers working with Blue SDK Mesh can easily build Industrial-grade Bluetooth Mesh device networks and systems that demand exceptional functionality and longevity.

Breton Buckley, CEO of OpenSynergy Inc.: “Blue SDK Mesh provides more robust APIs than other solutions, including mechanisms for tuning and customization. Our customers will enjoy it, as it makes it easy to meet highly complex requirements and ensure conformance with high quality standards.”