Joint Webinar-on-Demand with NXP

Serving the Next Generation of Network Processing With COQOS Hypervisor SDK and the S32G Processors

This webinar introduces COQOS Hypervisor SDK, a virtualization platform based on the open standard Virtual I/O: VIRTIO  as a key element to implementing a software-defined architecture vision: allowing to converge functionalities formerly residing on different hardware onto powerful domain controllers such as the S32G processors.

VIRTIO allows for both higher reuse of software components and greater flexibility in designing future vehicle architectures, minimizing BOM costs, development effort, and time to market. OpenSynergy has pioneered VIRTIO in the automotive space, heavily contributing to the open-source community. The knowledge gathered in these activities allowed OpenSynergy to offer the most mature open-based standard virtualization solution.

In this webinar you will

  • learn how the automotive industry will embrace open standards to increase flexibility and reduce time and cost
  • get to know more about OpenSynergy’s idea to make VIRTIO the new “lingua franca” for device virtualization, as it plays a central role in the architecture of automotive devices and rapidly gaining traction: both Android™ Automotive and Automotive Grade Linux recently adopted it
  • understand how to virtualize devices using OpenSynergy’s COQOS Hypervisor SDK (OS agnostic, which further adds flexibility to the vehicle software architecture design) –allowing OS to run fully virtualized on top of the powerful S32G vehicle network processor to profit from it.

Presenter is OpenSynergy’s Technical Account Manager Patrick Deiber


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