OpenSynergy’s IrDA SDK provides a very fast and efficient way to add reliable infrared communication – which is compliant to the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) – to an embedded device. OpenSynergy’s IrDA software is designed for use in portable office equipment, adapters, mobile phones, PDAs, pagers, digital cameras, medical equipment, industrial automation products and more. OpenSynergy’s IrDA expertise and its extensive involvement in the IrDA standards organization, assures customers of quality code written to the IrDA specifications. OpenSynergy provides IrDA reliability and complete IrDA functionality.


Portable, easy to use Code

IrDA SDK is delivered as a well-documented, portable source code solution so that engineers have both an easy to use product as well as complete control over their infrared implementation.

Fastest embedded IrDA Stack

IrDA SDK provides the fastest speed and throughput available for an IrDA stack. The stack communicates at IrDAs maximum data transfer rate of 16 Mbps and also maximizes throughput by using a data transfer window size of seven. This implementation improves IrDA performance, especially at higher data rates.

Complete IrDA Functionality in a small Footprint

The stack is a complete IrDA development kit packed into less than 20K of ROM. It is a complete IrDA communication stack. The SDK provides both an IrDA stack and framer code for 115Kbps and 4Mbps IR controllers. Additional source code framers are available for many popular IR controllers. The IrDA stack includes IrLAP, IrLMP, IAS, Tiny TP, and IrLPT (3-wire raw). The stack supports both primary (initiate) and secondary (respond) connections and by setting a compile-time switch the stack can become a secondary connection only. Also available for this stack are the optional application add-in products IrCOMM, IrOBEX, and IrFM to further extend infrared functionality.

Fast Connect Support

Applications such as the IrFM Point-and-Pay Profile require faster connection establishment than IrDA protocols provide. IrDA SDK therefore supports fast connect features which allow IrDA device discovery and connection in less than 100ms. Both initiator and responder roles are supported.

  • Framer library to pick and choose from a set of sample framers
  • Windows-compatible framer for experimentation with Windows-based sample applications
  • Optional support for unreliable expedited data transfers
  • Compliance with OpenSynergy’s Blue SDK; both Protocol stacks share common code libraries and operating system
  • Integration functions for further code savings
  • Support for seamless integration with OpenSynergy’s Multi-transport OBEX Add-In

  • CompleteIrDA
    • Protocol stack
    • IrLAP
    • IrLMP
    • IAS
    • Tiny TP
    • IrLPT (3-wire raw)


  • Optional add-in products
    • IrCOMM
    • IrOBEX
    • IrFM


  • Compatible with OpenSynergy’s Blue SDK (Bluetooth protocol stack)
  • Up to 16 Mbps Fast IR
  • Window size of seven for maximum throughput
  • Less than 20K code size
  • Primary and secondary capable
  • Portable source code SDK
  • Provides IR for all types of embedded devices