Multi-functional Body Controller

Why integration on Body Contoller?
Automotive manufacturers and suppliers in the real-time sector, are under constant pressure to merge as many functions as possible onto the smallest hardware available, to reduce the weight of the car and therefore its energy consumption. For this reason, automotive manufacturers are looking for a solution that enables virtualization to enter the pure real-time domain (e.g. chassis, powertrain, body controller, etc.). A typical use case is the body controller, which poses a particular challenge to development, because microcontrollers are used in the real-time sector whose processors only have a memory protection unit (MPU).

Virtualization for microcontroller
OpenSynergy is one of the first companies to develop a hypervisor platform for microcontrollers. This virtualization platform, COQOS Micro SDK, employs a unique software architecture that brings hypervisor technology to very small MCUs. It has been developed specifically to integrate multiple real-time operating systems, such as AUTOSAR, at different ASIL levels up to ASIL-D, onto a single SoC/µC, using MPU only.

The hypervisor, the key component of the COQOS Micro SDK, creates independent virtual machines (VMs), whose separation provides freedom from interference between the integrated systems. This means that software systems with different safety levels (ASIL) are executed on the same hardware. Also, new, innovative functions with a high potential for change can be integrated together with relatively stable functions. The spatial and temporal separation of the VMs makes it easy to comply with functional safety requirements, even in the case of software changes.

Domain Controller based on COQOS Micro SDK


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