Device Management SDK

Device Management Software Development Kit (SDK) is a full-featured toolkit that enables developers to integrate the Device Management protocols into a wide range of embedded devices. Designed for client devices such as cell phones, smart phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), the development kit provides a complete suite of portable source code, including SyncML parsers, easy-to-use APIs with comprehensive documentation and sample applications. This allows developers to reduce their development cost and shorten time-to-market. With Device Management toolkit, manufacturers can deliver on the promise of a connected world by enabling carriers to utilize industry standard methods for handling and exchanging information between mobile devices and configuration servers across various data networks.

  • Open architecture enables management of an unlimited set of object types and tree structures.
  • Multiple device support – Client support for management by one or more management servers.
  • Small code base enables developers to implement Device Management in memory-limited devices such as cellular phones, smart phones.
  • Shortens time-to-market and increases return on investment by reducing development cost and testing cycle.
  • Enables developers to focus on
    applications and system integration.

  • SyncML Device Management v1.2.1 compliant client with OMA Client Provisioning.
  • WBXML processor (encoder/decoder) with support for SyncML Representation, Meta Info and WAP-Provisioning document type definitions.
  • Portable ANSI-C code, compile time configuration options.
  • Transport adapters for OBEX (client and server) and HTTP client transports.
  • API documentation for Device Management / Provisioning Agent, Object Manager and Transport Adapter.
  • Server layer authentication – Support for SyncML Basic and MD5 authentication as well as HMAC Integrity checking.