Blue SDK RapidLaunch for Linux

Blue SDK RapidLaunch von OpenSynergy ist ein Linux-basiertes Framework für eine leistungsfähige und effiziente GENIVITM-Bluetooth®-Entwicklung. Diese Lösung basiert auf dem Blue SDK Bluetooth®-Protokoll-Stack von OpenSynergy und einer Suite aus automotivebasierten Profilen. Blue SDK RapidLaunch verringert die Komplexität der Entwicklung einer Bluetooth®-Lösung für Linux durch die Konsolidierung der vielen APIs, die mit dem nativen Stack und Profilsets verbunden sind, in ein komprimiertes Set aus leistungsfähigen, aber einfachen APIs. RapidLaunch eignet sich ideal für komplexe Anwendungsfälle wie z. B. die gleichzeitige Verwendung von Profilen und mehrfache Geräteverbindungen. In Bezug auf die Bluetooth®-Entwicklung kümmert sich RapidLaunch um die komplexen Aufgaben.


  • Simple to use
  • Decreases development costs
  • Accelerates time to market
  • Based on the highly respected Blue SDK core stack and Blue SDK profiles which are used on hundreds of millions of devices in the market
  • Source code based product provides customer control and flexibility
  • Keeps Bluetooth implementation isolated from the kernel to avoid kernel compatibility issues
  • Supported by a mature and longstanding Bluetooth development team


  • Bluetooth Linux Integration with minimal development effort for any Linux distribution
  • Simplified Bluetooth APIs over D-Bus allows for several applications to easily access the Bluetooth services
  • D-Bus binding—Compatible with GenIVI™ and Automotive-Grade Linux
  • Support for the key Bluetooth profiles used in automotive infotainment
  • Delivered in source code that can be modified and configured to the customer’s needs
  • Can be easily adapted for any IPC or Operating System


  • Supports the Bluetooth 5.0 Core Specification
  • Supports all the latest Bluetooth profiles:
    • A2DP 1.3.2
    • AVRCP 1.6.2
    • HFP 1.7.2
    • MAP 1.4.2
    • PBAP 1.2.3
    • SPP 1.2

Additional software components to be used with Blue SDK RapidLaunch for Linux

  • Blue SDK core stack
  • Blue SDK Handsfree Profile
  • Blue SDK A/V Profiles
  • Blue SDK Phonebook Access Profile
  • Blue SDK Messaging Access Profile
  • OpenSynergy’s Voice SDK (optional echo cancellation and noise reduction solution)

Linux Bluetooth® Integration complexity is easily managed

Blue SDK RapidLaunch for Linux incorporates code that significantly reduces the number of APIs that are required in terms of controlling both the Bluetooth® profile and stack operation. Building on the Linux Quickstart features (transport interfaces, audio integration, PTY integration for serial port, and logging services) found in Blue SDK, RapidLaunch also provides DBUS objects that permit easy access to the Bluetooth® API from various application contexts.

Interoperability with mobile devices

Dealing with mobile phone interoperability is one of the most challenging and costly aspects to account for when developing a Bluetooth® automotive product. OpenSynergy’s highly experienced Bluetooth® development team has taken into account the challenge of interoperability, reducing the engineering risk significantly. This application framework can accelerate time to market by reducing issues related to inter-device operation.

Fully integrated with Blue SDK and automotive profiles

The Bluetooth® stack (Blue SDK) and suite of automotive profiles (see list above) have been pre-integrated with RapidLaunch, reducing both development effort and cost, resulting in a decreased time to market. The Blue SDK and Profiles are individual SDKs that are purchased separately.