COQOS Micro SDK is a virtualization platform that enables the integration of multiple real-time operating systems onto microcontrollers requiring high levels of safety (up to ISO26262 ASIL-D). It has been developed specifically to integrate AUTOSAR software at different ASIL levels.

The platform COQOS Hypervisor SDK was designed for application processors (such as ARM Cortex-A cores) running large systems such as Linux, Android or adaptive AUTOSAR in the Virtual Machines, reaching ISO 26262 ASIL-B.  The unique software architecture in COQOS Micro SDK brings a similar hypervisor technology to smaller microcontrollers (such as ARM Cortex-R cores) that run Real-Time Operating Systems in the VMs (such as classic AUTOSAR) that need to reach safety levels up to ASIL-D.

Use cases for COQOS Micro SDK can be found in all new vehicle ECUs to run applications with different safety levels on a microcontroller, such as Domain Controllers, Body Controllers, Gateways, Driver Assistance Systems or centralized vehicle computers.

The hypervisor, the key component of the COQOS Micro SDK, creates independent virtual machines. The separation due to the VMs provides freedom from interference between the integrated systems, compliant to the software standard ISO 26262 (up to ASIL-D). This means that software systems with different safety levels (ASIL) or functions and environments of different vendors with different security standards, run concurrently on a single processor. Also, new, innovative functions with a high potential for change can be integrated together with relatively stable functions. The software in the virtual machines can be updated independently.

  • Provides Virtual Machines (VMs) for functional blocks, which:
    • have different requirements on real-time behavior
    • have different safety risk levels (ASIL)
    • are supplied by different vendors
  • Eases and accelerates the AUTOSAR integration and configuration challenge
  • Enables the integration of several functions on a single device (virtual ECU concept)
  • Supports independent modular software update.

Main Features

  • Hardware assisted virtualization
  • Memory separation/protection
  • Multi-core support
  • Inter-VM communication
  • VM restart and update
  • Error reporting and recovery
  • AUTOSAR integrated configuration tool (at HV level)
  • ASIL-D based development (SEooC)

Target ECU/Application

  • Safety application:
    • Breaking System
    • ADAS (as a companion)
    • Power Train
    • Motor and Chassis Control
  • Real time:
    • Gateway
    • Body Control
    • Energy Management
    • Domain Control


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