OpenSynergy’s Offer to AGL Members

OpenSynergy’s Offer to AGL Members

OpenSynergy has released a reference platform providing a virtual AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) operating system. This page gives the possibility to request a quotation for the trial version of the COQOS Hypervisor SDK for the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Reference Platform. The trial version allows, all members of the AGL project to quickly prototype an integrated cockpit controller based on AGL.

What You Get

OpenSynergy’s automotive virtual platform helps develop complex in-vehicle software systems leveraging virtualization and Automotive Grade Linux. At its core, this SDK uses the safety-certified standalone COQOS Hypervisor that utilizes ARM hardware virtualization features. From an implementation point of view, the SDK consists of a Yocto meta-layer and several pre-downloaded archives from OpenSynergy’s internal resources. The Yocto meta-layer contains metadata for OpenSynergy’s proprietary and open-source software parts, metadata and patches for third-party open-source software, and metadata for the final product. AGL is based on the open-source standard Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO) that is on its way to becoming a de facto standard in the automotive industry. OpenSynergy implements VIRTIO virtual devices that allow sharing of hardware devices among virtual machines.

In addition to the automotive virtual platform, OpenSynergy will provide you with 40 hours of support for installation, training, customization, technical issues, etc.

What Is Special

The adapted COQOS Hypervisor SDK for the AGL Reference Platform refers to the AGL software version for the AGL Reference hardware board built on top of the Renesas R-Car H3 SoC. The SDK provides a dual virtual machine use case with one partition having direct access to hardware and running the AGL instrument cluster demo platform and another VM relying solely on VIRTIO devices running the AGL IVI demo platform.

The following features are implemented:

  • VIRTIO-blk (block device) virtual device provides AGL Linux with access to select partitions on the flash device
  • VIRTIO-rng (random number generator) provides AGL Linux with a virtual entropy device
  • VIRTIO-gpu provides AGL Linux with a virtual display and GPU
  • VIRTIO-input provides touch to the AGL Linux display
  • VIRTIO-vsock (virtual socket) for communication between Linux VMs using socket semantics
  • VIRTIO-net (network) provides AGL Linux with network access

The Hypervisor configuration is pre-configured for this particular setup and cannot be changed. But the users of the trial version can add more VIRTIO device connections between the VM’s.

Your Request

    COQOS Hypervisor SDK for AGL Reference Platform (Trial Version)

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