COQOS Hypervisor SDK 9.5 now supports the upcoming VIRTIO specification

COQOS Hypervisor SDK version 9.5 will be the first virtual platform used to implement the upcoming Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO™) standard for device virtualization that facilitates the separation between software and hardware. This achievement has been made possible thanks to OpenSynergy’s membership in the OASIS Open consortium (home of the VIRTIO standard) and its active contribution to the open source Operating Systems Linux and Android™ projects.

Since the hypervisor-neutral VIRTIO drivers are built in the most commonly used Operating Systems (OS), customers can easily consolidate their functionality on top of any hypervisor supporting VIRTIO. It further allows them to easily update the guest Virtual Machines (VMs), such as Android, Linux and/or the BSP. Finally, by using a virtual driver instead of the real driver, customers are able to move their guest OS on top of any hardware, reducing their hardware lock-ins.


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