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COCOQS Micro SDK 1.0.0 Release on NXP S32S

COCOQS Micro SDK 1.0.0 Release on NXP S32S

The latest version of COQOS Micro SDK is available. COQOS Micro SDK contains one of the first hypervisors to take advantage of the features available in the newest generation of automotive microcontrollers for real-time applications. COQOS Micro SDK supports any powertrain, chassis, body, gateway, and ADAS applications for automotive ECUs. OpenSynergy has designed the hypervisor separation kernel, especially to achieve the highest levels of safety up to ASIL-D, with spatial and temporal separation of virtual machines.

COQOS Micro SDK benefits from all the technical expertise developed at OpenSynergy over the last decade in automotive-grade virtualization solutions. The development team expects to develop this product further as they are continually receiving comments and feedback from customers.

These are the features available in this latest version

  • NXP S32S SoC (Arm Cortex-R52)
  • Multi-core VMs
  • Multiple VMs per physical core (Time Division Multiplexing)
  • AUTOSAR Classic Platform, FreeRTOS or bare-metal guest VMs
  • CAN and Ethernet communication (pass-through)

Please, find an illustration of the usage of those features in a hybrid powertrain control demonstrator showcased on the use-case website.