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OpenSynergy – the world’s Bluetooth® provider

OpenSynergy is the world leader in independent Bluetooth® software. The software development kit Blue SDK delivers both efficiency and reliability when adding Bluetooth® radio communication to embedded devices. You find it in over one billion of connected devices including mobile phones cars, cameras, portable printers, industrial and medical devices.

Why OpenSynergy’s Blue SDK?

Blue SDK meets the highest standards of reliability and interoperability expected in automotive and medical products. Customers of the IoT industry take advantage of this high quality and reliability.

The source code is operating system and hardware platform agnostic. It can be quickly and easily ported to nearly any platform. OpenSynergy delivers Blue SDK ready to integrate and with excellent documentation and world class support. That is why customers save time and cost and can quickly react to market demands and trends. All Blue SDK projects are backed by an experienced team of developers which can tailor any project to a customer’s specific needs.

Blue SDK has been recognized for its quality by leading automotive, mobile handset, consumer electronic OEMs, and industrial applications for more than 20 years. The expert team is continually enhancing the technology to keep it up-to date with the Bluetooth SIG specifications. Blue SDK is qualified with the Bluetooth® SIG which makes end product qualification simple.


Bluetooth Low Energy –  best fit for IoT

Blue SDK is designed for both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and classic Bluetooth (BR/EDR) applications. Bluetooth Low Energy is recognized as a viable wireless technology for short range connectivity supporting IoT (the Internet of Things).  Within the IoT space, Bluetooth Low Energy is perfect for use cases in industrial automation, home automation, logistics and the medical/health arena.

Bluetooth Low Energy, based on the Bluetooth® 5.1 core specification, comes with an impressive set of updated features that now include location services, larger packet length, 2 Msym/s transmit speed, longer range, advertising extensions and an improved channel selection algorithm.

Data aggregation within the cloud from a network of sensors is easily achievable with the use of an IPSP (Internet Protocol Support Profile) gateway between LE devices and the internet. Equally compelling is the use case whereby commands are issued from a web interface to remote devices for the purpose of control. Alternatively, direct device to device communication can also be supported in use cases where remote control is required (i.e. garage door, light and lock control all handled concurrently).

Hardware agnostic Bluetooth® stack – high level of flexibility

For existing products that rely on MCU control, the addition of a Bluetooth Low Energy radio controller can enhance both functionality and maintainability.  In such a configuration, the OpenSynergy Blue SDK can easily run on the MCU in which the developer can choose any hardware radio they wish, because the source code is highly configurable. It has been designed to have abstractions from the hardware.

Being hardware agnostic permits second sourcing and more importantly the ability to use a radio component that best fits project requirements without being tied to one particular hardware vendor. This level of flexibility in today’s ever-changing market is a serious consideration in terms of protecting engineering investment.

Blue SDK supports Open Source systems such as Linux, other embedded operating systems and also RTOSes.

Bluetooth® Engineering support – lowest risk and fastest implementation

OpenSynergy can provide engineering services that are highly competitive and cost effective. For more than 20 years, our engineering team has developed and qualified an underlying Bluetooth® stack and profiles and continues to work with customers to integrate solutions onto their platforms.  OpenSynergy’s software and architecture means that customers have the lowest risk and the fastest implementation.  With extensive experience in this technology, we can factor a solution onto selected platforms and secure product qualification in the shortest time possible.


  • GATT (central and peripheral roles)
  • Alert Notification Service/Profile (ANS/ANP)
  • Battery Service (BAS)
  • Device Information Service (DIS)
  • FindMe Profile (FMP)
  • Link Loss Service (LLS)
  • Alert Notiification Service/Profile (ANS/ANP)
  • Tx Power Service (TPS)
  • Proximity Profile (PXP)
  • Scan Parameters Service/Profile (ScPS/ScPP)
  • Transport Discovery Profile (TDS)
  • HID over GATT Service/Profile (HoGP/HoGS)
  • Serial Port Emulation over both GATT and Connection Oriented L2CAP Channels
  • Internet Protocol Service Profile (IPSP)
  • LE Extended Advertising
  • BT Mesh (coming soon)

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    Bluetooth LE Gateway, Mesh for IoT, Architecture and Constraints


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