Blue SDK version 6.1, Blue SDK RapidLaunch 2.0 for Linux

OpenSynergy announces the release of Blue SDK 6.1, RapidLaunch 2.0 and various profile releases.  OpenSynergy has improved Blue SDK by adding integration support for the Sony LDAC™ audio codec. LDAC™ enables High-Resolution (Hi-Res) Audio bit rates up to 990kbps over Bluetooth. The LDAC™ codec together with Blue SDK can be used with any HCI Bluetooth controller.  Customers will license LDAC™ directly from Sony and receive an integration support package from OpenSynergy.  Moreover, this new version of Blue SDK also contains an official SDIO transport for Marvell Controllers, the ability for a legacy device to indicate support for remote public key validation, and support for a Host-based Diffie-Hellman public/private key generation that enables LE Secure Connections on legacy Bluetooth controllers.

Blue SDK RapidLaunch 2.0, OpenSynergy’s Linux integration package, is based on Blue SDK 6.1. This version of Blue SDK RapidLaunch adds support for AVRCP Cover Art and additional LE privacy features. This release also contains a GDBUS implementation layer for more flexibility for customers using D-Bus.

Additional details about the release and specific issues addressed can be found here.