Blue SDK v6.0 for most advanced Bluetooth products

OpenSynergy’s new Blue SDK v6.0 allows customers to enhance their products by:

• Improving privacy
• Doubling the throughput for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
• Creating long range BLE connections up to 500 meters
• Using more powerful BLE advertising functionality
• Improving wireless co-existence

Blue SDK v6.0 continues to be one of the most full-featured and reliable Bluetooth implementations available. Blue SDK v6.0, with its companion LE SDK, now supports Bluetooth core specification v5.0, the latest core specification from the Bluetooth SIG.

This latest release contains support for these new Bluetooth v5.0 features:

• 2 Msym/s PHY for LE – doubles the BLE connection throughput
• LE Long Range – quadruples the BLE connection range to enable new use cases
• LE Advertising Extensions – allows more data and more flexibility with advertising packets
• LE Privacy Updates – to allow for Resolvable Private Addresses (RPA) Only to increase device privacy
• High Duty Cycle Non-Connectable Advertising – sending advertising data more often
• LE Channel Selection Algorithm #2 – allows for a larger set of frequency hopping sequences
• Higher Output Power

Blue SDK has also added support for the Bluetooth SIG’s Internet Protocol Support Profile (IPSP) and the HID over GATT Profile (HoGP).

The Blue SDK IPSP implementation supports both node and router roles and can easily be adapted into Linux based devices. IPSP enables 6LoWPAN IPv6 connectivity over Bluetooth Low Energy to enable Internet of Things use cases.

The LE HID SDK follows both the HoGP and HoGS specifications and supports all roles including report host, boot host, and device roles. HoGP enables Human Interface Devices over Bluetooth Low Energy to allow for mouse, keyboard, and remote control devices to connect to host devices such as automotive infotainment systems, PC’s, tablets, and other host devices.