Blue SDK Fusion

What Is Blue SDK Fusion?
Blue SDK Fusion is an Automotive-Grade Bluetooth stack for Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP).   It replaces the default AOSP Bluetooth stack, while preserving the existing AOSP API and seamlessly integrating with the existing AOSP applications and services. Based on OpenSynergy’s Blue SDK Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles, the leading Automotive Bluetooth solution for over 20 years, Blue SDK Fusion can easily handle complex use cases such as concurrent multiple profiles, multiple connections, dual-phonebook download, and more. 

Why Use a Third-Party Bluetooth Stack with Android Open Source Project?
Automotive OEMs have specific functionality and behavior requirements that cannot be met by most Bluetooth stacks. Blue SDK Fusion provides the necessary flexibility, robustness, and functionality for Automotive OEMs, enabling full control over Bluetooth behavior, advanced functionality, and complex use cases, while offering exceptional stability.  This empowers OEMs to easily solve a multitude of common, fundamental Bluetooth issues exhibited in typical Automotive use cases. Blue SDK Fusion offers excellent control and predictability of Bluetooth behavior and direct access to highly experienced Bluetooth experts for a fast and easy Automotive solution on AOSP-based platforms.

A Highly Configurable Bluetooth Solution for AOSP Automotive
With over 20 years of Bluetooth engineering leadership and over 1 billion devices shipped, Blue SDK enables functionality that other embedded Bluetooth stacks do not.  When desired, Blue SDK Fusion can extend the AOSP Bluetooth API for additional features and functionality.  Fully controllable connection management is provided via a flexible API that makes it possible to control exactly when profiles connect and reject incoming connection requests.  Concurrent multi-profile capabilities provide the power to enable advanced functionality, such as parallel PBAP download sessions or even pausing these PBAP downloads while streaming music.  Experience total control—Limit database size to prevent crashes, use dual SCO connections to mix in-band ringtones with audio from an ongoing call, connect multiple phones to a single IVI system, and easily support many other highly complex use cases. There are limitless ways that Blue SDK Fusion can tailor the Bluetooth behavior to even the most complex functionality requirements while having full confidence of retaining a high standard of interoperability and stability. 

Reduces Costs & Accelerates Time-To-Market
Attempting to modify open source Bluetooth stacks leads to an unmanageable, costly, and time-consuming development path, which requires forking and upstreaming changes, along with difficult and costly maintenance. Waiting on chipset vendors to provide support for Bluetooth and in the BSP wastes valuable development time and can quickly become costly engineering services.  The need to pay for expensive chipsets in order to get the support needed further deepens the costs of chip vendor solutions.  Furthermore, the investment in chip vendor engineering services on a specific platform causes OEMs to be locked-in with a single vendor’s hardware making it difficult and costly to ever move to other chip vendors. Blue SDK Fusion eliminates all of these challenges, speeding up the overall development schedule while providing both a significant cost savings and better quality.  Blue SDK Fusion’s hardware-agnostic design means you are free to move to other hardware with minimal effort. Blue SDK Fusion removes the development risks and constant maintenance of interoperable Automotive Bluetooth from engineering teams and enables them to focus on delivering new technologies and innovations.

Flexible, Robust, Proven

  • Easily handles complex interoperability requirements
    • Extensive internal and external testing
    • Blue SDK is deployed on millions of cars & devices
  • Enables control, flexibility, and robust Bluetooth performance
  • Based on Blue SDK, leading Automotive Bluetooth solution for 20+ years

Works with Any Hardware

  • Abstraction-based source code for easy porting
  • Get up and running with a new hardware platform within hours
    • Any Bluetooth chipset, host platform, or vendor

Easy AOSP Integration

  • Preserves existing AOSP API and works with existing apps and services
  • Designed to allow for simple and easy AOSP updates
  • Extends the AOSP Bluetooth API, when required, to add additional features and functionality
  • Flexible APIs for any Media Player or Telephony Application
  • Passes Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), Vendor Test Suite (VTS), Automotive Test Suite (ATS)

Decreases Cost and Time-To-Market

  • Reduces dependency on chipset vendor support for Bluetooth and in BSP
  • Fast response and resolution for bug/issue support from team of experts
  • Frees engineering resources to work on non-Bluetooth features

Automotive Ready

  • Proven flexibility and functionality to support Automotive OEM requirements
  • Supports latest version of automotive profiles with all features required for Automotive Infotainment

Webinar: Using Android to overcome the complexities of Bluetooth in automotive applications


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Android Open Source Project Compatibility

  • AOSP 10 (Q)
  • AOSP 11 (R)


  • Supports Bluetooth 5.1 Core Specification
  • Bluetooth 5.2 in 2021
  • Supports all the latest Bluetooth profiles:
    • A2DP 1.3.2
    • AVRCP 1.6.2
    • HFP 1.7.2
    • MAP 1.4.2
    • PBAP 1.2.3
    • SPP 1.2
  • LE, GATT, and key GATT-based profiles will be added in a future release
  • Host Subsystem Qualified Design