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We boost Android Automotive OS – How to enhance Google’s Android Automotive OS

Android is on its way to becoming the standard Operating System for automotive IVI. Several automakers have recently announced their plan to adopt Android into their infotainment systems, to provide customers with a completely new generation of IVI.A core strength of Android is its open system and although it does not come with every component, it allows the ecosystem to compete for the best complementary element thanks to well defined interfaces. OpenSynergy has a strong history of supporting open source OS projects (such as Linux) with complementary products and leverages this know-how to provide reliable, automotive-grade complementary products to Android. Would you like to learn more about OpenSynergy components for Android Automotive OS? We invite you to join Portfolio Manager Jonathan Siegel as he presents:

1. COQOS, the VIRTIO-based virtual platform
COQOS Hypervisor SDK – the VIRTIO-based virtual platform – allows for an easy integration of Android Automotive OS in virtualized environments, such as cockpit controllers. Android comes with the pre-integrated virtualization framework VIRTIO, which is an open standard currently finding its way into the automotive industry.

2. Blue SDK Fusion, the automotive Bluetooth stack leader
Blue SDK Fusion supports complex Bluetooth automotive use cases. It accelerates the adaptation of such use cases, leveraging the robust design of Blue SDK, the leading Automotive Bluetooth stack for over 20 years.

3. Radio Tuner SDK, radio as a software-only component
Radio Tuner SDK complements Android Automotive with conventional broadcast radio functionality (e.g. AM, FM, DAB, HD-Radio). It is an automotive-grade solution, which fulfills both expectations of high reliability and implementation of state of the art requirements (IP Hybrid-Radio, SDR, etc.).

Jonathan Siegel is Portfolio Manager at OpenSynergy GmbH. He holds a master’s degree in three disciplines: communication science, economics and electrical engineering. Prior to joining OpenSynergy, Jonathan held positions in product management and business development in the automotive and consumer electronics domain.


Check out our webinar from February 23rd.


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