Wireless Congress



Bluetooth Low Energy: Mesh Networking Simplified

OpenSynergy provides the preferred Bluetooth implementation for many companies around the world. The Low Energy Stack Blue SKD LE is of particular interest. Brian Senese, Bluetooth expert and Key Account Manager at OpenSynergy, Inc., will present “Bluetooth Low Energy: Mesh Networking Simplified” at Wireless Congress on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at Session 7 – Bluetooth, from 14:30 to 15:00.


There is tremendous interest in IoT, and more specifically, the use of mesh networks in IoT in the areas of industrial automation and sensing, machine control, commercial lighting, machine control and automotive (parking lot management), to list just a few use cases. In this presentation, a practical example of how BLE mesh networking is used for industrial sensing and lightning will be examined. Unique nodes that make up the network and their function are described from the perspective of a large sensor network or lightning use case. The way in which data packets enter and traverse the mesh and latency times for their transmission – together with security and IoT middleware layer – will also be examined. The presentation will conclude with review of the further complexity of a commercial lighting solution, incorporating the lighting based protocols that are currently in place.