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25th anniversary of Blue SDK

25th anniversary of Blue SDK

We are very thrilled to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Blue SDK, one of OpenSynergy’s most successful products – a remarkable journey that has significantly shaped the expectations for Bluetooth performance and interoperability. Over the past quarter century, Blue SDK has become an indispensable tool and left an important footprint in the Bluetooth landscape. Here are some incredible milestones we have achieved together:

1 Billion End Devices: Blue SDK has been deployed in over 1 billion end devices worldwide, powering innovation across a multitude of industries.

Contribution to Bluetooth SIG: The very first of Blue SDK was based on the Bluetooth 1.0 specification. Our engineers were active in contributing to the early Bluetooth specifications and we have been deeply involved in the Bluetooth SIG over all these years.  We have been a fixture in various Working Groups to help shape the technology and the success of the standard as it has evolved from Classic to Low Energy to Mesh and now Low Energy Audio and beyond.

Cross-Industry Impact: Our SDK is utilized in diverse sectors, from automotive to medical, industrial to consumer, and mobile to name a few. Its adaptability has been key in advancing technology in these sectors.

Multi-Platform Excellence: Blue SDK is not dedicated to a single ecosystem. We work with various software and hardware vendors such as Android, Linux, QNX, Qualcomm, NXP, Marvell, and others. This cross-platform compatibility has increased the software’s reach and impact.

Compiler Agnostic: The flexibility of the SDK enables successful work with a wide range of compilers. This adaptability allows developers to work with their preferred tools.

Bluetooth Unplugfests: We have been active in attending Bluetooth Unplugfests from the beginning and participating in virtually all of the interoperability testing events that have been made available.  Blue SDK has been continually tested against other companies’ Bluetooth implementations and products to ensure widespread interoperability and robustness with the latest devices.  This has enabled us to harden our solution over the years and deliver exceptional results for our customers time and time again.

We look forward to our next 1 Billion devices! Blue SDK licensees gain direct access to our highly experienced development team with deep Bluetooth automotive expertise, who provide fast and detailed responses to technical queries.

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