Virtualization for real-time and multi-ASIL convergence of functions

The major automotive megatrend towards SW-defined vehicles is reshaping the car architectures of the future and, among others, requiring systems that can perform multiple functions on a single piece of hardware, where the various software services must be able to be safely separated from each other and fulfill their respective real-time requirements.

The key technology that makes this possible is virtualization. Separation through virtualization can be done either at the software level or with hardware support. The joint demonstrator of OpenSynergy and STMicroelectronics showcases hardware-supported virtualization enabled by the combination of ST advanced Stellar Integration MCU HW virtualization support and Open Synergy COQOS Hypervisor technologies. More information to follow.

Learn about our demonstrator. Visit the STMicroelectronics at electronica from November 15 -18, 2022 in Munich