Embedded World 2022

OpenSynergy is a pioneer in the use of virtual devices based on the open industry standard OASIS Virtual I/O Devices (VIRTIO) as open standards free the automotive industry from vendor lock-in. This enables industry players to reduce development efforts and shorten the time to market. At this year’s embedded world OpenSynergy shows a demonstrator visualizing the total independence of software from the underlying hardware by deploying several Linux kernel-based OSes, such as Feodora, Android, AGL, without stopping the running system and without any modification to the OSes.


Isaac Trefz, Product Manager of OpenSynergy’s automotive virtual platform COQOS Hypervisor SDK, is convinced that ”if the automotive industry, as a whole, uses open standard-based virtualization platforms, it will be free to choose the hardware, software, and driver customization layer for their software systems. Reusing existing software systems on other hardware or deploying other software on existing hardware is just as easy.” He will give a presentation at the embedded world conference on the topic “On the road to the next paradigm shift with VIRTIO standards”.

Visit OpenSynergy at booth 4-301 and listen to the presentation in session 3.3 Embedded OS /Automotive OS on June 22, from 16:00 to 16:30h.