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iAnywhere Bluetooth, IrDA and Device Managament Solutions Join OpenSynergy

OpenSynergy extends its portfolio with the Blue SDK (formerly an iAnywhere product), the IrDA SDK (formerly an iAnywhere product) and the Device Management SKD (formerly an iAnywhere product). The Blue SDK is a Bluetooth 4.x dual-mode stack that supports all major profiles. OpenSynergy has purchased these products from SAP subsidiary Sybase iAnywhere. The corresponding developer team from Sybase iAnywhere has joined OpenSynergy and continues to provide support, maintenance and further development of this software.

The deal fits well with OpenSynergy’s strategy for the automotive industry, where the target is to offer a complete platform for automotive infotainment and connectivity devices. This target requires a highly reliable and proven Bluetooth stack. At the same time OpenSynergy sees this as an opportunity to diversify into other industries and to expands its presence in the United States.

Dr. Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut
(General Manager - OpenSynergy)

"There will be no changes in the continuing support of the existing products. It will be the same people, in the same place, doing the same work. The successful team will continue to offer certified, highly reliable products."

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"Bluetooth technology continues to expand the mobility use cases in the market, and we are pleased to have a new partnership with OpenSynergy to carry the torch forward.  iAnywhere, Sybase and SAP have worked with the true leaders in the mobile, auto and telematics industry from the early years to drive the standard, and innovate in nearly every industry. We are excited to see OpenSynergy take Bluetooth to the next level!" (Anthony Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Mobile Sales and Solutions - SAP)


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